Twitter Thread: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson had a fire thread recently about money and wealth creation on Twitter its exactly what we’re hoping to teach–it’s a wealth of understanding. To help unpack it I’ve created some simple graphics to help us understand these concepts more easily.

Take a look:

We begin to unlock wealth when our income isn’t tied to our waking and working hours.

Your job pays you based on hours worked. Even if you don’t punch a clock, most salaried positions assume you’ll work 9-5. But an asset produces long after you’ve stopped working.

Use the skills you have (including access to the internet) to flip a product, offer a service, or sell information (training).

When your asset (business, website, ebook, etc.) is working around the clock, it doesn’t take a lot ($11.50) per hour to create a nice annual income.

I don’t know what happened to #5

Most people earn money Monday-Friday, but we spend money everyday. You can get ahead by creating an asset that works the days that you don’t.

You don’t have to work harder–you need to work smarter. Use your hard/smart work to build something that doesn’t sleep so it can work 24/7 for you.

It’s hard to make the switch overnight, but in order to build wealth you need to move from selling your time, to selling a thing (product, service, info, etc.).

Instead of getting upset that you’re selling your time, capitalize on it. Use that job you have, and the paycheck you get to become your own Venture Capitalist / Angel Investor and invest in yourself!

Step 1: Use your paycheck to buy the domain name, or the e-course, or make that first product purchase.
Step 2: Flip it, sell it, or monetize and profit.

Just like the flowchart above, you work your job (exchanging time for money), then you take that money and you either buy income (by investing) and create wealth; or you spend the money and live paycheck to paycheck.

You’ve got the blueprint.
Go and make your wealth.

-Wealth of Understanding