Humble Beginnings

In 2013 I had just gotten married and didn’t have anything in savings because it had all gone to the wedding and the condo that I had financed for my wife and I. Understandably, she wasn’t interested in being the 4th roommate in the small apartment that I had co-leased before our union.

That’s where our journey began.
That’s when I began to build my wealth of understanding.
I wish it had started sooner.

I had my first job in 2006, but all the earnings from ’06-’13 had really flown in one hand and out the other. Every year I was spending as much as I made. And in some regards I did well because I didn’t spend more than I made; and thus successfully avoided credit-card debt. But I wish I had done better.

However, the last seven years have been very different. I started reading books, following blogs, listening to podcasts, and taking courses to help me learn and improve my finances. Slowly but surely I began to improve the habits and practices that build wealth over time.

It was NOT get-rich-quick.
It wasn’t even get-rich-easy.

I budgeted. And I saved. And I invested. And I took risks.

Now, seven years later, I’m amazed at what it’s earned me.
Without sacrificing the things that truly matter to me (my home, my family, eating delicious food), I’ve been able to reproduce 1/2 of my cumulative income in net-worth.

What that means is if you added up every dollar I’ve made for the last 7 years, I have 1/2 of it in net-worth (savings, investments, assets, etc.).

2006-2013 Net Worth: $0
2013-2020 Net Worth: $270,454

A lot of high-earners might look at that number and shrug it off because that’s what they spent on their car. But I work in the non-profit sector. My average salary for the last 7yrs was less than $45,000/yr.

I don’t do what I do for the money. I do it because it’s what I’m called to. And maybe you can relate. Teacher, minister, social worker, etc. You don’t make much–but that doesn’t mean you have to be poor.

It’s for that reason that I started Wealth of Understanding. To help others break a cycle of poverty, not be limited by their low pay, and achieve generational wealth that creates legacy.

If I can do it, you can do it.
Let’s get started.

Andrew Nemeth
Twitter: @nemeth & @wealth_of_
Email: info@wealthofunderstanding.com