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Whether you're looking for a course, e-book, or video; we've got lots of great resources to share. This page will be ever-updated to continue to add lots of great learning tools and resources.

Get Resourced

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Wealth of Understanding Courses

How to Budget for the Life You Want

What It Is:

  • 12 Lesson Video Teaching

Learn More About:

  • Building a budget around your wants/needs
  • How to sacrifice the things that don’t matter–not the things you love
  • Changing your mindset about budgets
  • Having a plan for your money

Wealth of Understanding e-Book

A Visual Guide to Wealth

What It Is: 

  • 54 page e-book with 31 illustrated principles for creating wealth

Learn More About:

  • Saving & Investing
  • Financial Servitude vs Financial Freedom
  • The Power of Compounding Interest
  • Simple Solutions that return Big Results
  • And Much More

Cost: $4

Additional Courses & Resources

Holy Shift! – Unlimited Life Concepts

What It Is: 

  • Video Lessons with Digital Workbook

Learn More About:

  • Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)
  • Becoming the Bank (and profiting on transactions)
  • A Paradigm Shift in cash-flow
  • Uninterrupted Compounding Interest
  • Strategy for Eliminating Debt and Creating Wealth
  • Generational Inheritance & Legacy
  • Provided by: Unlimited Life Concepts

No one can do the learning for you. You need to invest in yourself to begin to see the change you want.

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