38 Weeks To Get Rich: WK17 – The Foundations Are Math and Logic

38 Weeks to Get Rich

Welcome to the “38 Weeks to Get Rich”, where each week we’ll break down a section from Naval’s iconic tweetstorm and interviews on the topics of wealth, freedom, money, status, and happiness.

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What follows is my summary & key takeaways to help you digest the 127 page document.



Week 17: The Foundations Are Math and Logic

If you understand mathematics and logic, you have the basis for understanding everything else.


The Scientific Method.
If you understand logic and mathematics, then you have the basis for understanding the scientific method. Once you understand the scientific method, then you can understand how to separate truth from falsehood in other fields and other things that you’re reading.


It’s better to read a great book really slowly than to fly through a hundred books quickly.
Be careful about reading other people’s opinions and even be careful when reading facts because so-called facts are often just opinions with a veneer [of pseudoscience] around them.

It’s not the number of books that you’ve read, but rather the principles you understand, that actually matter.

It’s like Bruce Lee said, “I don’t fear the man who knows a thousand kicks, I fear the man who’s practiced one kick ten thousand times.” It’s that understanding that comes through repetition and through usage and through logic and foundations that really makes you a smart thinker.


Learn persuasion and programming.
According to Naval, the five most important skills are reading, writing, arithmetic, and persuasion, which is talking. And then computer programming just because it’s an applied form of arithmetic that just gets you so much leverage for free in any domain that you operate in.

If you’re good with computers, if you’re good at basic mathematics, if you’re good at writing, if you’re good at speaking, and if you like reading, you’re set for life.


I’m not a computer programmer by any means; but I will say that knowing how to spin-up a website has been a super valuable skill. I can only imagine what potential full-on programming would be able to unlock.



Stay tuned, next week we’ll review chapter 18 about the skill of “business”.


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